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Candace Swetz Owner of Candace Dance Studio

Candace Swetz

Candace Swetz of Candace Dance Studio is passionate about dance! Teaching a wide range of ballroom and Latin dances she is constantly learning and evolving as a dancer and this enthusiasm comes through in her teaching style.  Se hable espagnol. We are located on Chicago’s northwest side in the Mayfair and Portage Park areas.

Accelerated Learning System

Candace has been dancing for more than 10 years and developed her Accelerated Learning System for Dance® based on the educational strategies she developed as a high school Spanish teacher for many years!

Candace’s Accelerated Learning System for Dance® makes learning to dance fun, low stress and fast. As a High School teacher Candace came to understand how to teach complex subjects (like a new language!) by breaking down the task into components that logically build upon each other from lesson to lesson.

In this way, students are able to make sense of the teaching process and will see how each lesson builds upon the previous ones with the result being that you will be dancing as if you had been studying for years in just months or even weeks!

Your Ideal Dance Teacher

Candace is an ideal instructor for young people and beginners as well as people with some previous dance experience.

Students will be taught at professional dance studios at several north side Chicago locations in Ravenswood, Northcenter and Roscoe Village. Other locations may be arranged by request.


We’re proud to have been a Featured Business on SCORE Chicago’s blog