Casino Rueda Chicago (Rueda, Rueda de Casino, Salsa Rueda)

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Our Casino Rueda Class.

Casino Rueda originated in the Casinos of Havana, Cuba in the 1950′s. Cuban immigrants brought it to Miami. In simple terms, Rueda is Salsa done in a circle by a group of pairs of dancers who move from partner to partner. Candace Dance teaches Miami/Cuban style in which a leader calls out the names of the turns to be done and each pair of dancers executes the same move in synchronization. Steps can also be translated into a one-on-one partner dance. The movie “Dance with Me” features Casino Rueda in the club scene.

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Up to 60% less than large studios!  Private lessons can be scheduled any day or evening of the week.

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Group Casino Rueda Lessons

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We specialize in small group classes that are relaxed and supportive and offer opportunities for students to receive individual attention.

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Cuban Style Salsa done in a circle and called like a square dance.  Dancers move from partner to partner.  Salseros who would like to try Rueda are welcome!  No partner necessary.

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