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Candace teaches the 5th graders the Foxtrot.

Meet the Illinois state requirements with a fun, multi-sensory learning experience!  Try one of our Chicago School Dance Event Packages.

Dance is one of the most important expressions of culture. Your students can have an interactive, multi-sensory learning experience that will be a stimulating complement to classroom instruction.

Instead of just observing performances, your students will actually learn the dances of the cultures they are studying in a fun and exciting one or two hour program. Students will also be taught the historical and cultural background of each of the dances they learn.

Candace Dance offers programs featuring Latin, European and American dances so you can easily tailor the program to your curriculum. You can also select individual dances that are most closely associated with certain countries, regions or historical periods if you wish to narrow the focus even further.

  • Latin Dance Program
    • Salsa
    • Cumbia
    • Merengue
    • Bachata
    • Tango
    • Cha-Cha
    • Rumba
  • European Dance Program
    • Slow Waltz
    • Viennese Waltz
    • Polka
  • American Dance Program
    • Swing
    • Foxtrot

    (Other dances available by request)

The Candace Dance Program Meets Criteriafor the Following State Standards:

Foreign Languages State Goal 29.A.2, 29.A.3, 29.A.5, 29.B.1a, 29.B.2a, 29.B.5a, 29.B.1b, 29.B.2b, 29.D.1

Social Science State Goal 18.A.2, 18.A.3, 18.C.4a, 18.C.4b

Physical Development and Health State Goal 19.A.2, 19.A.3, 19.A.4, 19.A.5, 19.B.2, 19.B.3, 19.B.4, 19.B.5, 19.C.4a, 19.C.4b

Fine Arts State Goal 25.A.2a, 25.A.3a, 25.A.4, 25.A.5, 25.B.2, 25.B.5, 26.A.2a, 26.A.3a, 26.A.4a, 26.B.2a, 26.B.3a, 27.A.3b, 27.B.2, 27.B.3, 27.B.4a, 27.B.4b, 27.B.5


Choice of a 1 or 2 hour program at $10 per student per hour (minimum of 12 students). Students will learn one dance in a 1 hour program and one to three dances in a 2 hour program. Contact us for special programs or packages.


Your students will be taught at a professional dance studio located on Chicago’s north side.

Additional Field Trip Options

May we suggest that you enhance your field trip with lunch before or after class at one of Chicago’s many ethnic restaurants or perhaps a visit to a fine museum? Call us for ideas!

In School Programs

We also offer “in school” dance instruction and cultural enrichment programs by special arrangement. Click here for more information.